Springville Center for the Arts will present an outdoor cinema screening on Saturday, August 11. Berlin: Symphony of a Metropolis will screen under the black walnut trees on the side of Goddard (Town) Hall with live musical accompaniment provided by a trio of musicians from New York City.

The film begins with calm and empty streets early in the morning and poetically follows the movements of the city as though it were a waking organism. Cinematography drives the film and creates an engrossing pace without narration or traditional plot. Director Walter Ruttmann was a prominent early German filmmaker who stated, “Since I began in the cinema, I had the idea of making something out of life, of creating a symphonic film out of the millions of energies that comprise the life of a big city.”

He later made propaganda films and worked as assistant director on the controversial Triumph of the Will by Leni Riefenstahl.

Musicians Sue Garner, Rick Brown and Bruce Bennett will provide an eclectic original score using percussion, guitar, bass, electronics and other instruments. Garner is a Georgia native, a painter whose voice, guitar and bass have been heard in a duo with Angel Dean, in the band The Shams (with whom Bennett played as well) and through her solo and band recordings on the Thrill Jockey and Matador Records labels. Drummer Rick Brown has no idea what styles he plays, though he recalls recording with people willing to call their music jazz, rock, noise, punk and “No Wave”. He’s played with Chris Stamey of the dBs, and composer/improvisors John Zorn and Guigou Chenevier as well as being a member of (among others) the groups Information, V-Effect, Timber, Rattle, Fish & Roses and Run On (these last three with Ms. Garner). Bruce Bennett, a filmmaker in his own right, presented a night of short film earlier in the season. He has toured Asia and Europe with cult hits, The A-Bones, described by the New York Times as “dedicated rock revivalists… who worship rockabilly, 1960s garage and anything having to do with that most cartoonish rock archetype: the juvenile delinquent in a leather jacket.” Their collaboration will provide a modern take on the century old tradition of silent film accompaniment.

Admission to the event is free through a donation of $5 is suggested. Refreshments will be available. Arrive with a lawn chair or blanket at 8pm at the corner of Mechanic and Franklin Streets in Springville. The film will begin at dusk. Running time: 65 minutes. In the event of rain the screening will occur inside Springville Center for the Arts at 37 North Buffalo Street. For more information call 592-9038.

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Saturday, August 11, 2012
8:00 pm

Goddard Memorial Hall

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